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Our pricing is designed to only charge for what you utilize, starting at just 99c per Gigabyte, with a minimum of $99 per month and 100 Gigabytes included without exorbitant overage charges. Use more and pay just 99c per additional Gigabyte. Once you reach one of the tiers listed below, your per-Gig rate will automatically adjust to ensure that you realize bigger savings. Our competitive and flexible pricing scheme allows you to effectively maintain and grow your business.

99c per gigabyte
2,001 - 5,000
89c per gigabyte
5,001 - 8,000
79c per gigabyte
8,001 - 16,000
69c per gigabyte
16,001 - 30,000
59c per gigabyte
30,001 or higher
49c per gigabyte
To facilitate your cost optimization, we will even provide you with your estimated usage for the month ahead, so you have a clear picture of your expenses. Our product pays for itself as your retention increases due to the quality and quantity of the content we provide. You can also utilize our intergated billing solution to minimize your losses from billers service fees and be in full control of the payments you get. If you need a custom solution, and not one of the standard tiers listed above, please contact our sales team.

AdultCentro was our best decision when we started with our paysite. With their huge archive or videos and top templating system, our rebills went much higher than before. We even got responses from our members that they decided to join because of offering a huge DVD section as a bonus. So, thank you AdultCentro for this great product!
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